Inscribe your legacy.

Ohr Chadash Academy (OCA) is proud to dedicate 5781 as the “Year of Connection” with The OCA Torah Project. This is a unique opportunity for every family to inscribe their legacy in the Torah through the scribing of a letter in the Torah scroll, which will be housed in OCA’s renovated Beit Midrash for students to treasure for many years to come.

Join us as we travel around the country and beyond to write a Sefer Torah. Bring your family and friends to join us in this unique experience!


Raised of $1M

Scribing Events

Where We’ve Been

SeattleLos Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, Minneapolis, Lakewood, Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, Detroit, Miami, Israel, Baltimore

Where We’re Going

New York/New Jersey: TBD
Rockville: TBD

Please RSVP to torahproject@ocabaltimore.org 
or 443-621-1020. More dates and locations coming soon!