As an Orthodox Jewish Day School we believe in the inherent kedusha of all learning, and this core value inspires our commitment to excellence in Judaic and general studies alike. From our 2-year-old class through middle school, each student is nurtured both as the individual he or she is and as a contributing member of our caring school environment and the greater Jewish community. We foster a close relationship with Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, and Medinat Yisrael as a central pillar of our education and programming.

Through the use of differentiated learning modalities, as well as our embrace of modern educational technology, we strive to stimulate each Ohr Chadash student’s interests so that the pursuit of learning naturally becomes a life-long passion.

At Ohr Chadash Academy we emphasize Yirat Shamayim and focus on refined personal Middot. We motivate our student body to achieve S.T.A.R quality learning and behavior status characterized by:

Staying Safe
Treasuring Torah
Aiming High
Respecting Oneself and Others