• Parshat ha-Shavuah
  • Chumash
  • Chagim
  • Ivrit – Ability to express oneself in writing and speech; feeling comfortable reading aloud
  • Tefilah

Resource: L’Havin U’Lehaskil; Sha-Shel Menucha

*Participants in the Middot program; Receipt of Chumash

Language Arts

Reading: Understanding and using new vocabulary; expanding comprehension skills and strategies; recognizing and reading a variety of genres;  demonstrate understanding of key details and main ideas; compare and contrast different stories; use leveled readers to differentiate; read to self to create a number of different book reports

Writing: Use the writing process to create opinion, narrative, and informational pieces; sense of time and event order words; begin research and gathering materials from various sources to write; grammar rules

Resources: McGraw-Hill Wonders; Handwriting Without Tears; Teacher made materials


With the basic understanding of numbers from previous grades, students use that prior knowledge to add and subtract double or triple digits, work with equal groups of objects to gain foundations for multiplication, represent and solve word problems, recognize and draw two and three dimensional shapes, understand place value to compare and analyze numbers. The students are encouraged to use the interactive text to bring learning to life and foster interactions with mathematical concepts in a variety of ways.

Interpret data; basic understanding of measurement and fractions

Resources: McGraw-Hill My Math; Teacher made materials


In our hands-on science lab and outdoor garden area, students explore and observe the following topics:

  • Weather
  • Solar System
  • Habitats
  • Life cycles and plants
  • Properties of matter

Social Studies

  • Holidays
  • Family culture
  • Basic geography
  • Citizenship & Government

Resources: McGraw-Hill Wonders connection; Teacher made materials

*Participants in Student Government

Additional Co-Curricular:  Art, Technology, Music, Physical Education