Tuition and Fee Schedule 2021– 2022


ECC 2 $9,100
ECC 3 $8,925
ECC 4 $8,925
Kindergarten $10,250
First through Fourth Grade $11,350
Fifth Grade $11,550
Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade $13,125
ECC Sibling Discount Per Family- 3 and 4-year-old only (students with siblings in OCA Elementary School) $500
New Student Application Fee $200
Reservation Deposit
Reservation Deposit – will be applied to your tuition balance $250
Additional Fees
Activity Fee – includes all field trips, technology, and special activities throughout the year (per student) $200
Security Fee (per student) $200
Raffle Obligation (per family) $360
Tuition Assurance
Click here to learn more about OCA’s Tuition Assurance Program 1.6% of tuition rate



To set up your tuition payment plan through FACTS, please click here.

Financial Philosophy

Ohr Chadash Academy is committed to providing an excellent Jewish Day School education to dedicated families who view their children’s education as one of their highest priorities and primary responsibilities. Without sacrificing educational quality, OCA works to alleviate, where necessary, the financial burden on parents as much as possible. In addition, OCA strives to assist qualified families with financial constraints to meet their tuition requirements through a variety of incentive programs, subject to availability, financial need, and other criteria.

Financial Aid Awards

While we work hard to raise money for our Scholarship Fund, financial aid funds are limited. Families are encouraged to apply as early as feasible each year, as grants are awarded on a rolling basis, subject to availability and application deadlines. Awards are decided on a case-by-case basis. To be eligible for consideration, financial aid applications must be completed, along with all requested documentation, prior to the financial aid deadline. Applications are reviewed by a confidential committee, and award offers are contingent upon ongoing adherence to specified terms and obligations.

Child Care Subsidy Vouchers – As a Maryland EXCELS participant, Ohr Chadash Academy accepts tuition vouchers from the Maryland Department of Education. Click here for more information.

BOOST Scholarships – The State of Maryland awards needs-based scholarships to eligible students each year.  Click here to apply.