Continuous Enrollment FAQs

Why continuous enrollment?

We are gratified that nearly all of our families choose to stay at Ohr Chadash Academy (OCA) through 8th grade graduation. Continuous enrollment provides a seamless process by which families are able to maintain their children’s enrollment without having to remember to complete re-enrollment paperwork each year.

What are the benefits of continuous enrollment?

Simplicity. Peace of mind. With automatic enrollment, you will be securing a seat for your child(ren) until graduation or until you tell us they will not return. This means that in essence, 2022-23 will be the last time you are re-enrolling, and that your contract will be in effect until your child(ren) graduate(s) 8th grade.

How does continuous enrollment work?

You will only sign an enrollment contract for each of your children once – when they are admitted. For students already enrolled in 2021-22, you will sign it when you re-enroll for 2022-23.

Every year thereafter we will notify families of the following year’s tuition in November, and send a reminder email about the annual deposit charge to your account. Parents whose ECC students will not be returning the following year will need to inform OCA by the November deadline. The deadline for parents whose K-8th grade students will not be returning will be in January. Unless we are informed otherwise, your child will automatically be enrolled, their spot secured, and the non-refundable deposit fee charged to your tuition account.

As we make this transition, enrollment for the 2022-23 school year will look very much like previous years, except you will be signing on for OCA Continuous Enrollment.

What if my plans change before my child graduates 8th grade?

Every year there is an opt-out period during which you are asked to let us know that you intend to withdraw your child. Your decision to opt out needs to be communicated in writing in order to stop your automatic tuition payments and release your child’s spot.

What if my plans change after the opt-out deadline?

After the Continuous Enrollment Anniversary date (in January for grades K-8, and in November for ECC) the non-refundable tuition deposit is forfeited. You may also be held responsible for a portion of the tuition depending on when you notify the school. Penalties will be communicated prior to the opt-out period.

What if I opt out of my contract and want to return in the future?

If a student was not enrolled in OCA during the prior school year, the student would apply to OCA as a new applicant in order to make arrangements for a school visit, review of records, and academic testing.

What about financial aid?

Financial aid applications for current students will open by early December. Financial aid awards for current families will be communicated a few weeks prior to the opt-out deadline.

Important Dates

Early December 2021Parents receive a tuition letter for the 2022-23 school year.

January 2022Re-enrollment for 2022-23 begins. The re-enrollment contract will include a clause about continuous enrollment. This will be the last time you will need to complete the re-enrollment process for OCA!

Early February 20222022-23 re-enrollment & tuition contracts are due, including a $100 per student non-refundable deposit (which will be applied toward tuition).


November 2022Parents receive a tuition letter for the 2023-24 school year.

Late November 2022Opt out forms are due for ECC students who will not be returning in 2023-24.

January 2023Opt out forms are due for K-8th students who will not be returning in 2023-24. Students who have not opted out are automatically enrolled for the 2023-24 school year, and the yearly tuition deposit is charged to your account.

*Specific dates will be communicated via email.