• Parshat ha-Shavuah
  • Chagim
  • Ivrit – recognition of Aleph Bet, understanding of easy conversational Hebrew
  • Tefilah

*Participants in the Middot program

Language Arts

Using the McGraw-Hill Wonders program, students in Kindergarten are exposed to listening comprehension, phonics using high-frequency words, writing traits, and grammar. Students are taught how to apply foundational skills and ask essential questions.

Resources: McGraw-Hill Wonders; Handwriting Without Tears; Teacher made materials


Students begin with writing and reading numbers. Using a variety of manipulatives, students gain an understanding of counting, operations in base ten, measurement, graphing, and geometry. The students are encouraged to use the interactive text to bring learning to life and foster interactions with mathematical concepts in a variety of ways.

Resources: McGraw-Hill My Math; Teacher made materials


In our hands-on science lab and outdoor garden area, students explore and observe the following topics:

  • Insects & bugs
  • Five senses
  • Light and sound
  • Life cycles and plants

Social Studies

  • American Holidays
  • Seasons
  • Community Members
  • Elections

Resources: McGraw-Hill Wonders connection; Teacher made materials

*Participants in the Student Government

Additional Co-Curricular:  Art, Technology, Music, Physical Education