For our youngest Ohr Chadash students, preschool is a developmental period of play-based learning and attentive nurturing. Our teachers are passionate about helping each child grow as an individual while experiencing the fun and support of being part of a class community. The child’s natural sense of wonder and discovery is the source for mastering exciting new skills to prepare for success in school and instill a life-long love of learning.

Our MSDE licensed Early Childhood Center (ECC) program for children ages 2-4 is structured to stimulate and encourage student development through an array of hands-on experiences. 


  • Support the individual development of each child through a Torah-driven, developmentally appropriate, child-directed approach.
  • Attentive to each child´s different abilities, interests, and needs.
  • Use a variety of multi-sensory teaching tools and materials
  • Use open-ended exploration and guided play within an integrated Judaic and general studies curriculum.
  • Embrace empirically based teaching strategies and experiential learning opportunities. 

At our ECC, the Creative Curriculum goals serve as our framework which focuses on four areas of development:

  • Social Emotional 
  • Physical 
  • Cognitive 
  • Language

We treat learning as a cooperative project for which we include children, teachers, families, and our larger community. We follow a curriculum ladder and with every step, ensure readiness for Kindergarten – the gateway to a successful, exciting, and rewarding school future.

Curriculum Highlights: 

Parsha/Chagim through STEAMm (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, Mindfulness). 
With our unique program, your child will come home with a strong understanding of Parsha and Chagim while gaining age appropriate knowledge and skills in general studies. Middot, Shabbat, Chagim, and Parsha as well as literacy, social studies, math, science, music, and art, are all infused with the sense of kedusha inherent in all learning that is the hallmark of an OCA education.

Social – Emotional Growth & Mariposa
We utilize the Mariposa method to foster social-emotional skills using an empathy-based approach.

Our student-centered, play-based environment allows each child to grow emotionally, socially, and intellectually at his or her own pace while respecting the classroom setting. Studies show that children at play learn on three levels – individual play, cooperative play, and informative play. Our experiential learning opportunities and indoor and outdoor activities nurture independence and self-confidence together with a sense of belonging to a warm, caring community.

We encourage the students to express themselves in different modalities – speech, drawing, acting, and play. With increased understanding and self-reliance, their confidence in their own skills grows.

Thematic Units:

  • Jewish Holidays 
  • Parsha 
  • Seasons/Weather 
  • All About Me 
  • Animals 
  • Thanksgiving 
  • Fire Safety 
  • Hygiene 

Additional Skills:
Early Numeracy & Early Literacy

Learn more about our ECC by scheduling a tour today.  Questions? Email admissions@ocabaltimore.org or call 410.999.2200.

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