Technology at Ohr Chadash Academy is a powerful tool for increasing efficiency and learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. We strive to enable our students to become 21st Century learners through integrating technology in many aspects of our curriculum. Students are taught safe Internet use, rules of digital citizenship, and evaluation of website veracity.

Our school is equipped with Wifi, PC laptops that are shared among classes, iPads that are shared among classes and used in learning centers, interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, and network-linked desktop computers and projectors in all classrooms.  Using these modalities allows teachers to supplement classroom instruction through the Internet.

In our formal technology classes, students are taught valuable skills such as keyboarding, word processing, and desktop publishing. They acquire fluency with technology concepts, applications, and terminologies.  This enables them to use technology to work on projects and assignments that expand and enhance classroom learning.

Ohr Chadash uses Google Apps for Education. Google Apps is a free suite of hosted email and collaboration applications, including  Gmail, Calendar, and Documents, available exclusively for schools and universities. Each student fromThird grade and up is given an email address. They are taught how to use email responsibly and it has proven to be an excellent communication device among teachers, parents, and students. Our students are taught how to use Google Drive to create cloud based documents that can be shared with teachers and students, allowing for increased collaboration. These documents are available on any device where there is internet access, allowing for a smooth transition between school and home. At OCA we make technology integration a dynamic part of our students’ education. Our students also use Google Classroom.

Our parents and students also have accounts in our management system, ParentLocker. Through ParentLocker, parents and students are able to check their assignments daily. Teachers post the homework, resource materials, class activity pictures, etc, which are privately shared with the students and their parents.