Meet The Sterns

Graduating classes for the Stern girls are:
Carly (Class of 2027), Emmie (Class of 2030), and Tali (Class of 2034).

Why did you choose OCA as a school for your children? 

We were looking for an Orthodox Jewish day school that would instill a love of being Jewish, a love of learning, and a love of Israel. OCA checked off all of those boxes for us.

What do you love most about OCA?
We love the close-knit community that OCA has and the ability to really feel like our voices are heard by the teachers and administration.

How has OCA positively impacted your children/family?
OCA’s staff and teachers have opened their loving arms to our children and have made them excited to come to school each day.  With their creative assignments and overall learning style in the classrooms, OCA has really taught our children that learning can be enjoyable and fun. Our children have been able to thrive in the atmosphere provided by the OCA teachers.

Where does your family daven?
PJC – Pikesville Jewish Congregation

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
We have high hopes for our school and  look forward to seeing what’s to come! Keep up the great work!