Why did you choose OCA as a school for your children?

When we heard OCA was starting, we got involved immediately and when hearing the vision of the school, we knew it was the right school for our family.  The values matched those that we wanted to instill in our kids, specifically the importance of both Judaic and general studies, a love of Israel and the individual approach to learning.


What do you love most about OCA?

Students are valued and respected and encouraged to advocate for themselves.


How has OCA positively impacted your children/family?

We’ve been with the school since it’s inception 10 years ago and all 4 of our kids go/went there, so it’s had a pretty strong impact.  We are thankful that hashkafically, the school aligns with our family which enables us to seamlessly continue the Jewish education that they receive in school at home as well. Our Friday night table is enriched with Parsha insights and divrei Torah, a highlight of our week.


Where does your family daven?

We daven at Pikesville Jewish Congregation (PJC), and my oldest son goes to Suburban.


Anything else you’d like to share?

I am often stunned by the love and care the teachers have for each individual student and how they go above and beyond to ensure that child is happy and getting what they need. The administration is always open to new ideas and looking for innovative, creative and exciting ways to teach the students.